Social media is as important to your business as oxygen is to your brain. Almost.Facebook has a global user base of 1 in 5. If you are still in denial about its relevance in today’s business world, then hire a professional marketing team as soon as you have finished reading this.

So many people are using social media that it has fundamentally shifted the way businesses run.People are not only connecting with each other, but also with their favorite brands.

But running effective campaigns on social media is not as simple as creating a profile and posting stuff.Sure, there are a lot of businesses doing that. But you want leverage over them, don’t you? Especially if that’s how your competitors are marketing themselves.So here are some lesser known, very important tools to raise your social media marketing game.

Merging web design with social platforms

Social media creates one of the most valuable sources of traffic you can develop online. It offers a link across all your business channels.Web design has changed a lot since the arrival, and the subsequent internet takeover of social media.Almost all websites have clear links to a brand’s social media presence.

These social buttons are not only good for SEO. Each social media platform varies in communication style and audience. Brands use this to expand their marketing efforts into different areas online.


Websites and social media are both important. Together, they create awareness and a sense of trustworthiness and authenticity.People also love simplicity and uniformity. It feels organised and reliable.A beautiful website design should carry through to your social media profiles.

In the same way, an interactive web design creates a recognisable brand, no matter where your audience sees you on the web.Great designs encourage people to want to explore your brand across many platforms. And to hang around and get to know your brand.

Content creates the type of engagement that aligns with the marketing objectives.Marketing is now a conversation. Marketers are publishers.

You need to be able to cite relevant sources for information that you share.If you are sharing a link then you should also be sharing why that particular article is relevant to your business and how it can help your fans.

Be outrageously visual and bold

People love colourful things.

The old English idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be more relevant in today’s online existence.Images and colour demand people’s attention online. They should speak to your audience even without words and captions.Instagram is a blur of colour that generates over a billion likes a day.

Images rule the social media world. They should be a lead-in to what you want to say with words. The more visual you are, the longer people will stay.

Be pitch perfect

Imagine an internet with no colour. Would you still be instantly identifiable by your voice?

Along with a unique look, your brand needs a voice. One that is consistent across all channels.

You have to consider how you want to communicate with your audience.

A brand needs to be clear on the use of language variances like colloquialisms or industry jargon.

Create a chart if you have to. That way, if a team is working on your social media profiles there is a point of reference. Create a clear guideline that includes words to use, words not to use, and ones to avoid with indistinct meanings.

With a consistent brand voice, you present as a reliable, industry authority.

And remember the right voice isn’t necessarily yours. A brand must use an identical language to the people that need to hear its message.

What it means to be relevant on social media

Social relevance means being able to connect with society and the way that it is organised.

Build trust by being good

Be socially conscious of how you can get your fans to share. This doesn’t only apply to content, but also extends into real life.

Humans love feel-good stories. Creating a campaign that sparks a level of social consciousness will get people to invest in a charitable project as well as your brand.

Offer a portion of your sales to a charitable organisation.

This social awareness both online and in real life will create pride and brand loyalty.

Remember to say thank you.

Be polite.

Be personal.

Is it good content or conversions first?

If your business is to sell a product then it makes sense to drive traffic from social media to your website for conversions.

The key is to modify your website and use appropriate call-to-action (CTA) buttons on social media that drive conversions rather than follows.

Follows will happen naturally as your customer base increases.

When you have enough people buying your product you can start shifting your goal focus. You can then revamp your marketing campaign for higher engagement.