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Start Up Consultants in kuwait

Start Up Consultants in kuwait

We hold workshops, where we talk about various subjects relevant to start up consultants The entire objective behind the workshops is to provide our members with an understanding of the basics that they need to understand before embarking on any kind of adventure.

On  it is best that the people from the startup eco-system come over to speak about specific topics. We bring in renowned speakers who share their knowledge and their views with our members.

Many of the students in engineering colleges tinker around with ideas and products. As they learn the many things that are a part of engineering, their young fertile minds goad them on to create new things. We found that often these new things which they create are done without a plan or a clear goal, but inspiration and creativity does not start with a goal in mind. We wanted these brilliant ideas to find a way to reach the public at large and for these students to turn into real entrepreneurs. With this focus in mind we started by mentoring students who were working on their ideas and towards a product. We mentor them, guide them, provide them essential connections and help them develop a fledgling idea into a real business. We are currently working with student startups and germinating many more as a part of this initiative.

We hold regular meetups where pain points related to the workings of startups are discussed. These sessions tend of be very interactive and members get to share their experiences with others present at the event. At these events we learn from one another and play games to illustrate the same.